Friday, April 26, 2013


He's teaching Gabe about ninja training

I cannot get enough of my kiddos lately
and sometimes when I am really tired...everything just seems funnier to me!

Jonah decided to take the bathroom scale to school the other day for show and tell
he said he was going to weigh his teacher 
when he got home later that day he couldn't understand why people didn't want to go on the scale...
i love their innocence

Our spring mantel...
sorry about the bad picture
my nice camera is getting fixed and cleaned
and yes that is Easter thrown in there too..
a few old spray painted frames and cupcake tins and our dear red head doll Sally!

 this girl is getting older right before our eyes
Gabe has no idea what she is doing...he is just along for the ride
 we did find out if you have to raise your voice in this house
Gabe will automatically start crying

Love how all of the kiddos love to read and eat at the same time
except for our family dinner time

Thank you for your prayers for Gabe
he has only gotten up 4 times at night for the past 2 nights!
Praising the Lord!

We are off to do some rummaging this morning and schooling on the road
Excited for the weekend
 Dave and the boys are doing some work on the basement since we really haven't touched it since it flooded
Just trying to figure out how to organize everything again! 

Our new family picture of 7
(this was from the night that Dave won an award)

 Have a great weekend!