Friday, March 1, 2013

is coming through our house
Olivia was home on Tuesday with a sore throat and still feeling lousy since Saturday so I took her in yesterday and low and behold she tested positive for Strep

Miah has a stuffy nose and has been coughing
Gabe now has some sort of runny nose and a wee little baby cough
there is a lot going around and it is hard to keep it from everyone when you have a big household

this kept the kiddos up during nap time
apparently it was quite entertaining

we have been doing a lot of movie watching and lounging around
we just watched the Disney little house on the prairie series
now the kiddos all want to watch the old series with all the original people
they are reading the books and loving them
they just want to move to the country now

Please say a prayer for the sickness to be gone!

thank you

have a great Friday!