Saturday, January 12, 2013

too cute...not to share
so other day I went to get the kiddos early from school
we had some places to go 
so I left Odin home with Grandma Mimi, Jeremiah and Gabe
I told him to wake Grandma Mimi up at 1:45 and I even set the timer to remind him
so then we could go when I get home with the other kiddos.
So I get home  at 2:15 and Miah and Grandma are still sleeping together
and the baby is moved and awake and in a different outfit
I asked Odin what happened to Gabe and why are they still sleeping
Well, Grandma Mimi looked so peaceful and sweet I did not want to wake her
and the baby pooped and peed all over so I changed him and his outfit.
Ok, I started laughing and then thought about what a great job he did and how proud I was of him...
You will make a good husband and daddy someday!
I love you Odin!