Monday, January 14, 2013

a slight dusting
all of our kiddos love to bake and help in the kitchen thankfully
Olivia and I were making pancake batter 
we make the dry mix ahead of time and then just store it for when need it
(this is a 6 cup container)
I went to change the laundry and all of a sudden I hear MOM and a slight giggle
and then Olivia comes running
I am really sorry mom she said
what happened I said as I am walking back into the kitchen
Well I was shaking the pancake batter and the top wasn't on all the way
needless to say we just lost all of our 6 cups of pancake batter we just made and there was a slight dusting every where in the kitchen
It was like someone threw flour in the air with a fan on
I had seriously had to laugh because I totally did not want to clean this mess up!  
Everyone pitched in and we were done in a jiffy.