Monday, December 31, 2012

just what she needed.....or what I needed

 we did a bunch of baking Saturday for our bake sale(all proceeds go towards our adoption)on Sunday at church
it was so much fun for me to bake
i would love to have my own cafe/sweet shop with loud crazy kids allowed
Everyone stayed home Sunday except me and Olivia
We got to church and she wanted to go with me instead of going into her kids on the move class
so I agreed just this one time
she missed her brothers in her class
how sweet is that
so we found a seat and she was so excited
the look in her eyes was pure delight to be sitting by me
she sat and doodled the whole time and listened very quietly and intently
taking notes and clapping and singing to the worship music
we were standing an singing and she had her arms wrapped around me and was holding me tight 
when I looked down every once in awhile she was crying
she was loving this moment with me and so was I 
(she was having an awful week with her attitude)
she continued to hold me the entire time we sang and laid her head on my shoulder for the whole sermon.
she would of sat on my lap if I let her
we had a wonderful day then running errands for 3 hours and doing many different random acts of kindness
It was a special day I will never forget
thank you sweetheart!
the pastor changed the sermon that day  because he felt something on his heart
so the sermon was called Fear vs. Fear
it rocked
There was not a dry eye in the place 
he was on fire as well as the worship team.
i never stopped writing and taking notes
it is exactly what I was praying about the last few weeks about a certain situation
it was what I needed to hear
I wasn't able to add the video to my blog
so here is the link
just copy and paste
click on fear vs. fear
and you will be moved
We serve an awesome GOD!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Please pray for the orphan today
along with Linny at

read this post and be moved
With God all things are possible...
Matthew 19:26 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

                                      A king is born.....

                                                        (the kiddos made the crown)

                                       Merry Christmas from the Funkhouser Family!

                                                                         Day 24 

                                                cinnamon rolls to the police officers

I am so thankful for all my followers...thank you for following and for your continued prayers....

Monday, December 24, 2012


when we first told the kiddos I was pregnant
Jeremiah was not very happy
We sat them down in the living room and shared the news
with huge tears in his eyes Jeremiah says"all i wanted was a dog"
it just broke my heart
he was so saddened and heartbroken
So Uncle Bud and Aunt Sara sent him this one
which he loves 
he named him Samme  

Day 20

we couldn't do this because we had a huge snow storm that day 
everything was closed
even the day after was crazy
so we will do this this week

day 21

day 22

We found a girls basketball team ringing bells and we only had 4 cups of hot cocoa
so they decided to split it
they looked at us like we were crazy and why were we doing such a thing

we left some goodies for the mailman to enjoy

Day 23

this was fun
we could of done more signs
they think it is so fun when you are sneaky

we got a little delayed with posts
we took the babe to the walk in clinic 
he was sick for 2 days 
all he did was cry every 5-10  minutes for a whole day and a half
you could tell he was in pain
whenever you touch him
he would cry
he had a fever as well
 it was quite comical going to the walk in  on Saturday
we got there at 8:31 
1 minute after it opened and I was number 15 in line somehow
we waited for 2 hours
 during our wait
2 women passed out
and I got the evil eye for a screaming baby the whole time
this cute little old grandpa
loved Gabe
he told me not to worry about all those other people and what they say
he was cute.

Found out the little man had a viral flu and fever
he seems to be doing good now
he just has a sore sounding cry
and is only getting up twice a night.

we are hanging out today
making a birthday cake for Jesus
going through toys and setting them aside for our rummage
and going to church 

please for everyone working and driving and also keep praying for the Lord to lead us on our adoption journey

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Loving on the little one

Day 19

This was fun 
I couldn't get a picture though
the women had a hard time understanding why I would do that
It's so funny how people get when you do something kind for them...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We made a Costco run the other day
and I accidentally put 4 blocks of butter into our pantry before I saw it

I misplaced a $100 bill I owed my mother
looked everywhere  2 or 3 times
even in my wallet...
pulled out the money in there 3 times even
So Odin and I kept praying  that God would show us where it was
and of course he was faithful
pulled out the money in my wallet for the 4th time and there it was folded up between the other bills
Our God is an awesome God

we had 2 great days of homeschooling 
staying focused
got everything right
done by 10:30
oh does that feel good
and it is so much fun!

Olivia seems to be really considered with why everyone has different sizes of wrists
what are those bones on the side
why are some so little and some so thick

Odin-when I toot sometimes it feels like it hurts and my butt is going to explode

loving my kids
we laugh a lot in this house!

Day 18

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

random pictures

this kid just passes out in any position

daddy with his kiddos

Day 13

sorry about the mix up on the days and posts
all of the kiddos have been sick
so I am a little mixed up

Day 15 

Day 16

Day 17

we are having a blast!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Jonah and Olivia

Odin was studying about the Olive tree

Jonah and Olivia's apple baskets

Day 14

these were delicious turtles

thank you  for all your hard work! 

***sorry we skipped day 13  on my posts
will add tomm...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Let us join together for all those families mourning
my heart is broken for these families....
God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1
First Snow

we got home from church and they played outside for about 4 hours straight
they were so excited about the snow

Day 11

Day 12

Sorry about the delay
we have 3 sick kiddos here
running to the Dr. today
please pray for the sickness to be goooooone...
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