Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We made a Costco run the other day
and I accidentally put 4 blocks of butter into our pantry before I saw it

I misplaced a $100 bill I owed my mother
looked everywhere  2 or 3 times
even in my wallet...
pulled out the money in there 3 times even
So Odin and I kept praying  that God would show us where it was
and of course he was faithful
pulled out the money in my wallet for the 4th time and there it was folded up between the other bills
Our God is an awesome God

we had 2 great days of homeschooling 
staying focused
got everything right
done by 10:30
oh does that feel good
and it is so much fun!

Olivia seems to be really considered with why everyone has different sizes of wrists
what are those bones on the side
why are some so little and some so thick

Odin-when I toot sometimes it feels like it hurts and my butt is going to explode

loving my kids
we laugh a lot in this house!

Day 18