Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sad news....

We were matched with a birth mom who was due this weekend. a beautiful young woman who selected our family and who she wanted to raise her unborn child. We were very happy and excited about the possibility of bringing a child into our home and had made all of our preparations to do so. 

unfortunately, we found out yesterday that the unborn child had developed some problems and had died. we are shocked and still a bit numb about it all. lots of tears for the mom and the child. we are praying for everyone involved. we know this was gods plan but it still hurts. this is the 2nd time we have had our hearts broken in the last minute so that makes it even harder. we are a strong family of faith and we will get through this. please pray for the birth mom and her child. we care deeply for both of them.

There are times in the lives of all of God's children when we are called on to suffer.  
We read in Romans 5 3:4 that suffering produces perseverance: perseverance, character and character hope.  

thank you so much...
we are so thankful for our neighbors blessing us all summer with  such 
beautiful and delicious vegetables
thank you

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I forgot what he had..... but I said
"your tongue is all black"
then he says
"that would mean I am a smoker"
where do these kids come up with this stuff!

Please pray for our birth mom.....

Monday, September 24, 2012


listening to Adventures in Odyssey


snack station

nap station
something the kiddos love to do
 is to set up stations all over the house
which makes a huge mess but 
they are happy and it keeps them occupied for a couple of hours

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big News
 grab a cup of coffee for this long one....

 We have some new things to share
I'll  bring you back up to speed on the adoption front if you have missed out
We were placed with a birth mom last July  who turned out to be a con artist. Once the dust settled not only were we devastated with our emotions, we lost all the money we had raised.

“Our Lord, You Always do Right” (Psalm 119:137-160)

As a woman who actively seeks to obey God, there have been confusing times when I read these words and wonder with a breaking heart feeling like the wind has been knocked out of me. It goes on to say that “your decisions are fair”.

How can I believe these truths when humans disappoint or hurt us deeply? How do I pick myself up and put one foot in front of the other? How is it that we are left grabbing our hearts trying to breathe? How can I understand that the Lord ‘who always does right’ watches me as I am left crumpled and defeated?

 It doesn’t feel it was a right decision.
  I pray I don’t waste a trial believing that God is the one who does right and makes decisions never thought possible. He takes the pain and breathlessness, hugs me and says, “Just walk with Me, I know what I am doing. Do you trust me? Read my promises.” Not only does King David say that the Lord does right, he continues by saying that “your teachings are true and will last forever.” 

Bottom line, earthly things don’t last and life is short so don’t waste a trial and grow, grow, grow!

What am I going to do with a situation? What outcome can I pursue that is God-honoring that allows Him to take my trial, or a broken heart, and help me move to the next challenge? I read the heartfelt cries of some of the journeys of those like the Psalmist David and the Apostle Peter whose hearts were desperately broken. This is not a new journey.

Bottom line, through this process the answer has been to grieve, cry, and then grieve some more. Engage in letting God hear your heart and then in quietness listen for Him to speak. He does!!! Scripture is the vitamin to gain health. We have to actively make a choice. Then at just the right moment, thank God for His amazing love, His constant faithfulness, and His promises. It means taking a conscious step forward asking for the next step.
The Psalmist then says, “I am eager to learn all that you want me to do; help me to understand more and more”. That’s when the adventure begins my dear friends!~

 God gives us a new strength, a new respect for ourselves, and a new journey never thought possible.
Life isn’t about not getting trials…that is a given, but it is how we fair with the trial. Give yourself time. God is riding above the heavy waters with us and sitting beside us.
 “Be my Defender and Protector”. He is all that and more!
which brings us to this wonderful blessing that just fell in our lap

God has blessed us with a birth mom that is right close to home
She is due the end of this month and she picked us!
so we will go the hospital when she goes into labor 
and bring home the baby from there and wait until our court date
30 days after the child's birth

we are praying for God's plan in all this and for 
God to provide for us financially as well
we have applied for a few more grants
and have taken out  a small loan
but we still  have to cover attorney costs 
we lost all of the money we raised from the scam last summer so were working to build it back up. 

If God has put it on your heart to give and be part of this journey
there are many ways 
click any of the sites on the sidebar and start shopping
or just click the donate button
Every little bit helps and thank you for being part of this journey with us.

please lift us up in prayer and we will keep you posted as this crazy journey continues 

We thank you so much for all your prayers and giving hearts

Our God is a good god!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

water balloon pinata
this was interesting to say the least
it was not as exciting 
as I thought it would be.
I used regular balloons and filled them with about 3 cups of water and hung them all on a rope
the kiddos could not break them at all.
This lasted for about an hour and then we took the rest of the balloons and threw them into

the pool
they had fun with them in there too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012


 Well our dear little 5 lb lop eared bunny has passed away
we had got him from a fair when he was a few weeks old
he was having a long battle with pneumonia
For bunny years he was in his 90's so he lived a wonderful happy life.
He was the cutest little thing
I never thought I would have a bunny that was so snuggly and awesome 
and always give you kisses when you asked
bunnies always seemed nippy and non social and definitely not very snuggly
he was just the opposite and we were so lucky to have him be part of our lives.  
thank you for the wonderful memories Mulligan

Friday, September 14, 2012

10 years
                                                        Happy Anniversary David!

                                                     (this was our wedding day)

The day I met David is a moment I will never forget
I was going to his graduation party to set him up with my best friend.... 
My plan was not what God had planned....
It's funny how you are able to change for a person once you fall in love
Change in a good way
Change in a way I never new existed because what I was use to
Feeling my heart soften in a way that I never new before I met David
I wanted to be different for him
Kinder to him
More accepting of someone being nice to me not abusive and mean all the time
Gentler with my words
being loved and loved in return

He became my exception
the guy who allowed me to change
without ever making me feel like I had to in order for him to love me
believe me it was no easy task
just ask him

Loving David has taught me so many things
that I never thought I was capable of

Every day I have to work at being the kind of wife he deserves
I have to work at creating the marriage we promised each other we would have

the little things are the most important 
because they add up to the big things
and I am working on mastering them
it's just that I am a work in progress

I am working on being supportive and encouraging 
Being grateful for opportunities that come up that may not be what we want but what God wants
On  taking a deep breath every time he leaves a cabinet door open for me to bang my head on
On letting him de-stress and chill in front of the TV for an hour after the kiddos go to bed...
On getting something done for him during the day so he doesn't have to do it when he gets home....equals more time with dad and hubby
On kissing him when he walks in the door(the kiddos usually beat me to it)
And extra hugs and kisses when he leaves
On reminding him what an amazing father and husband he is
And saying thank you every chance I get

It's the least I can do for him after all the things he does for me....
with a smile on his face,
no questions asked,
no deep sighs or eye rolls
he just does it
because it makes me happy
and my happiness makes him happy


learning to put the others happiness before our own is how we stay in love!

I love you David.  Thank you for the wonderful 10 years!

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