Friday, September 14, 2012

10 years
                                                        Happy Anniversary David!

                                                     (this was our wedding day)

The day I met David is a moment I will never forget
I was going to his graduation party to set him up with my best friend.... 
My plan was not what God had planned....
It's funny how you are able to change for a person once you fall in love
Change in a good way
Change in a way I never new existed because what I was use to
Feeling my heart soften in a way that I never new before I met David
I wanted to be different for him
Kinder to him
More accepting of someone being nice to me not abusive and mean all the time
Gentler with my words
being loved and loved in return

He became my exception
the guy who allowed me to change
without ever making me feel like I had to in order for him to love me
believe me it was no easy task
just ask him

Loving David has taught me so many things
that I never thought I was capable of

Every day I have to work at being the kind of wife he deserves
I have to work at creating the marriage we promised each other we would have

the little things are the most important 
because they add up to the big things
and I am working on mastering them
it's just that I am a work in progress

I am working on being supportive and encouraging 
Being grateful for opportunities that come up that may not be what we want but what God wants
On  taking a deep breath every time he leaves a cabinet door open for me to bang my head on
On letting him de-stress and chill in front of the TV for an hour after the kiddos go to bed...
On getting something done for him during the day so he doesn't have to do it when he gets home....equals more time with dad and hubby
On kissing him when he walks in the door(the kiddos usually beat me to it)
And extra hugs and kisses when he leaves
On reminding him what an amazing father and husband he is
And saying thank you every chance I get

It's the least I can do for him after all the things he does for me....
with a smile on his face,
no questions asked,
no deep sighs or eye rolls
he just does it
because it makes me happy
and my happiness makes him happy


learning to put the others happiness before our own is how we stay in love!

I love you David.  Thank you for the wonderful 10 years!