Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We made it!!!!

 Olivia reading on the chair

We have finished packing up and putting away all of the things that were left from our rummage 
we got rid of a lot of things just had some clothes and household stuff left for Goodwill. 
I also have some Uganda hoop earrings, a few cd's from Michael W Smith, and Steven Curtis Chapman left too.  Please email me if you are interested. 

 Goodwill pile minus the table
we are keeping the table for homeschooling!

We have been blessed again
God is so good!
We have made $1100 towards our adoption.
We surely didn't sell as much food as we have the other years
but we will always eat leftovers
thank you for everyone that donated things to make this happen
extra hands to help
donuts and chocolate milk
and my mom who helped me endlessly and last but not least my husband for helping and
 putting up with me !!!!
Also thank you to all the wonderful people that prayed with us and all the new people we met and touched in some great ways!
God is good!