Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the rummage hasn't begun and I am beat
made 48 batches of funky bun frosting 
made cupcakes for snack for Olivia's class tom.
made 20 batches of puppy chow so far
pre-cooked 110 brats to sell 
my mom made all the beautiful signs
and has helped me every day getting organized
I am very OCD when it comes to rummage sales
you just cannot have t-shirts mixed with pants 
everything is separated by size and sex and what it is
got some wonderful donations from various artists like Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W  Smith and some handmade items
Jeremiah accidentally peed all over the floor between this all
finished making 2 homemade bird's nest necklaces for Jeremiah's teachers
today is his last day 
 my mom will be going with him for a program of singing and a lunch party at the park.
bought extra hangers because I hang mostly everything
got a huge donation of like new kids clothes from a wonderful family at church on Sunday
totally surprised us
they gave us like 10 huge Rubbermaid's
i was so happy I about cried
priced and organized  and hung
got another huge donation of some beautiful furniture and housewares from a wonderful family
thank you to all you helped us move everything
kids are crazy running in the yard
every night we are working on this
my feet are sore I think because this time some one in my belly is stealing all my energy
I am emotionally exhausted from my daughter 
trying to keep my head up every day with her and getting through this tough phase we are in
I went to the grocery store yesterday and felt like I was ready to drop over
It felt good to cry all the way there
just keep praying
just keep praying
just keep praying
today we set up the tent that my parents so graciously pay for
set up all the tables 
making funky buns all day
bringing loads of stuff up from downstairs
and tedious little stuff
I might be missing in action the next few days
so just keep praying for us and that we get rid of everything and that God blesses us big time!
thank you again to all of the families that donated to help us on this journey
please stop by if you can
Thursday 8-6
Friday 8-6
Saturday 8-5 and everything half price