Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter
Joy and Happiness was all around.
the kiddos had fun coloring eggs
had a community outreach with our church on Saturday
and hid 8,000 eggs
it was kind of like a colorful bomb went off in the park
had free food for the kiddos and complete with face painting and bounce houses
it was a huge success and a great turnout

then we always watch the passion and talk about everything
and answer a ton of questions
went to our wonderful church service
where one of the members made a crown of thorns as big as a car
 just beautiful
the whole service was amazing and choreographed very well
i brought 10 dozen funky buns and sold those and my necklaces and earrings as well!
we grilled out for lunch and did some chocolate dipping

 played some serious games of battleship

 nanee made some cards for the kiddos complete with gift cards

we always visit the nursery home and bring them the crafts the kiddos made for them
it is so great to see all the things in their rooms that the kids have made for them from years ago
the kiddos love doing this

then completed the day with an egg hunt for coins and resurrection eggs

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter
He is risen indeed!!!!!!