Friday, March 16, 2012


everyone in our family loves to read.  
we have found this amazing  program online that I wanted to share with you all.
It is called
once your done with your old books
-gather them together
-start a new account
-start entering in their ISBN numbers into the computer
they are usually found on all the backs of the books
-then once your done getting them all loaded
you make your own wish list of books you want for you and your kiddos
then every time you send out a book you get a credit
then when a book from your wish list becomes available you get that one
all books take one credit
and you just have to pay the shipping which they easily help you with that
print the labels and go to the post office and your done
you also have the option of mailing right from your home too.
i have never paid more than $2.50 to mail a big book
i have a hard time finding the books we want at rummage sales and this way I get all the books we want
it's really cool getting to know people from all over the world too.
hope you go and check it out!