Wednesday, March 14, 2012

feeling beautiful
the other day when I was walking into Walmart
to pick up a few things
this little lady about 4 feet tall in her 50's came right up to me and grabs my arm and says
"You look really cute today"
I was taken back at the comment
it's funny how we look at our selves and
if your like me I always struggle to accept a compliment.
when you look in the mirror do you see what others see?
 Our own perception of ourselves is often clouded by emotions, experiences and self-evaluations. We forget we are actually seeing ourselves backwards.
Our left is really our right and vice versa. We also notice every little flaw, magnified. Is that what we are reflecting? We pray people won’t see our natural face.
Have you ever seen a photograph of yourself and thought, “Do I really look like that?” I have.
Christ calls us to mirror Him. When people see us, they are to see His light shining through us in spite of our flaws. That is, if we are doers of the Word not merely listeners. When we do God’s will, we should see ourselves differently because we are projecting Him to the world. He’ll always present us in the best Light –
 His own.

But, if we try to plaster over our flaws and not let others see us and what He is doing in our lives, when we try to cover up everything, we no longer trust Him to present us to the world the way He wishes. 
We appear fake.
Not to say we should not strive to look our best. Of course we should. But no matter how good we try to look to others, if we don’t have Christ shining through our countenance, we’ll never look our best. Why? Because He is the best. We will not see Him mirrored in us and neither will others. We’ll walk away and go about our business trying to impress the world, and perhaps ourselves. We’ll forget that we are beautiful in His sight, and therefore, attractive to the world
God calls women beautiful; He is enthralled with their beauty.
 I am telling you that the God of Heaven and earth is wild about you!
 He's consumed, He's so taken with you!
Let Him 
make you captivating.