Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 what is the insignificant thing you have to do today
that isn't insignificant to all
through the eyes of  God
you might miss the moment through simple obedience
what is that  thing you do back and forth that seems not to matter in your eyes
changing the diaper
wiping buts
making dinner
tying shoes
doing the laundry
every single day
 God says
 there's glory in that moment
it's an act of worship
walking through that trial with an aging parent
it's a moment
a supernatural moment
we need to recognize the moments we are in to prepare for the moments ahead so we can take the moment we are in and allow God to catapult us to the moment that's before us.
that way we don't get stuck talking about what God did way back when
he is always working and creating moments
we serve a 365 24/7 God
he is with me in every moment
all moments are not created equal
when someone is about to bring you down it is a sure sign that god is about to raise you up
the stronger it gets
 probably more desperate  the devil is,  to keep you from going where there about to go
your so close to taking back what the devil took from you,
 that he's trying to hit you with his best shot
greater is he who is in you than who is in the world
how many times have you missed god's yes
because you took somebody else's no as the final word
the best way to prepare your heart and trust god in the moment that is ahead
 is to remember the moments he was with you
they are a preview for what's coming ahead and what he wants to do
the lord is fighting for you
walk in his presence all day long
this moment may never come around again
enjoy this moment
did you ever waste  so much time worrying about what they said
maximize this moment
walk in this moment
i found out they couldn't stop
don't you let a voice from the outside or the inside tell you that your moment isn't here
walk in purity
walk in holiness
when your in your moment
no devil in hell can take it away
obey him
obey him in the next moment and the next
back and forth
back and forth

i believe in every moment you send into my life is meant to be an opportunity for me to become what you've made me to be

I won't miss my moment