Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 nightly chats
we have a bedtime routine that
may make you crazy but
in our house we love it
the kids would not know what to do if we didn't
when we go upstairs to bed,
Dave and I lay with each kid for about 10 minutes
there is a lot of shuffling around
but we always make sure everyone gets both of us for at least 10 minutes
sometimes Dave and I both pass out before 8
and wander down to bed whenever...
It is always fun to see what they ask
it's always questions
and it's a wide open invitation to speak the truth to them
who created the abc's?
who were Adam and Eve's children?
are their pastors in prisons?
why is there the death penalty?
why did god call a horse a hose and a cow a cow?
why does my heart hurt for people that make bad choices
why people talk sassy or in different voices at times
when I talk to the girl next to me her eye looks another way
what are birthmarks
why boys on the playground like to argue about kickball at recess
why some boys are so concerned with themselves and how good there doing in a sport to meet the requirements of social status
making good choices when everyone else makes bad choices
what are these 2 little rolls for on my stomach
mommy today at school I sucked on a smelly marker because it smelled so good
today at school I accidentally ate a booger
why do people do things just because others are doing it
love this life God has blessed me with