Friday, September 23, 2011

 emotional roller coaster
Is this a ride I signed up for?
would you?
if that was the new ride at the theme park.
if God put something on your heart to do 
knowing that it was going to be hard
would you listen? 
even if it's uncomfortable
even if it means less sleep
even it if means you lose friends and family
even if you look crazy
even if you don't have the money
even if it means no shopping, beauty salon, massages, eating out
whatever else seems to be the norm in this world...
We have had so so many baby situations come at us over the past few months it's becoming easier to just see what God's plan is verses our plan.
we are being very open and
patience is becoming my best friend
and not by choice.
God has been so good to our family.
Where does your strength come from?
It isn't until you've been tested and tried in your faith that perseverance through these trials,
 that you really get to see,
feel  and
where your strength comes from.
We are so thankful for the Lord's plan in our lives.
It may not be normal for the world's standards
but it is so worth it!
 we are full of faith
we believe the truth  God has revealed to us through Jesus Christ and His word.
faith in God is not wishful thinking or hoping that all our personal desires will be fulfilled. 
It is believing that God created us, loved us, redeemed us and is in the process of transforming us.
I am truly fulfilled!