Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Praise the Lord
My dad is home!
He was able to come home with restrictions
but we couldn't be happier.
He feels good, looks good and the kids are so excited!
The story...
We have gone camping with friends over Father's Day weekend every year, to a place not far from home
Fon Du Lac KOA
Simple, cheap campground that has a pool and a jumping pillow
Hands down they all love the jumping pillow
I love it!
It rocks!
If you want one at your house it only costs $6,000
I was trying to do this
but my legs don' t straighten like Gracie's
back to the story here..
We were at the pillow and my parents drove by us in their car not waving or anything
we just thought they were going out for dinner
Then my mom called about 1 hour later saying that they were in the hospital and my dad had a heart attack.
Apparently, he was going to the bathroom at the campground and starting sweating profusely and got real nauseated
He came back to the camper and said he thinks he should go to the hospital, which is a lot for my dad to say.
So they got their in about 11 minutes
He had real bad chest pain every once in awhile and lots of sweating and nausea on the way
So they skipped a bunch of things and they did the angioplasty right away and saw he was at the tail end of a heart attack
The Doctor said you just made it in time, you wouldn't be here if you didn't move so fast.
Then put the stint in the main artery that was 100%blocked then and we could go and see him about 3 hours after they got there.
So emotional, you just never think this kind of thing is going to happen to someone you love.
My dad has never been in the hospital so this was huge for him
Scared and nervous is what he felt
he is not much of a communicator but has a heart of gold
My first look at him in the ICU just broke my heart and I started to cry
Thank you for my friend Shannon that took me there to meet my mom and help out, I couldn't of done it without you.
My mom was emotionless and I think in a state of shock
The Dr. came in that put the main stint in and showed us all the pictures and talked to us about what they wanted to do next.
She was for the quadruple bypass surgery but the other 2 surgeons were not.
So we hung out with him for awhile and prayed over him and shed a lot of tears, tears that needed to be shed from my dad as well.
talked about life and the value of it
and how he has such a testimony
discussed some options for them do he wouldn't have to work so much
his choice is to work 15-17 hours every day
we would like him to be around more and spend more time with the kiddos and enjoy life more.
he has lots of appointments and rehab to do for now
and I am not sure when he will go back to work.
we are all so excited to have him home and the kids
jumped for joy when they saw him walk through the door last last night.
they wondered if they were still going to get papas chocolates
(dove little dark chocolates)
Thank you again for all your prayers and help!
We serve an awesome God!
His perfect love casts out all fears and leaves only thanks!