Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there!
We are in the hospital still
waiting on what to do
my battery is almost all gone so this will be short
the 3 surgeons do not know what they are going to do yet
because my father's case is a bit complicated they say
He feels great with no other symptoms,
yet their is so much blockage and things to worry about if they don't do the open heart surgery
One Dr. didn't like the kind of stint put into the main artery
one wants to do the open heart
one wants to put 3 stints in the other 3  arteries
 so they are sticking their heads together to see what is best for him.
they did discover that at some time he must of had a hear attack on the right side of his heart and the arteries just re routed and made it all work out on it's own
So we wait some more and see what they decide
Meanwhile we are playing go fish, pictureka, and wig out in his hospital room keeping him company.
The kiddos think this is kind of fun!
This is way out of my dad's comfort zone
poor guy has never been in a hospital for himself
I will keep you updated 
 thank you for the prayers!