Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What do you do with a popped ball?
 We have been working on updating a lot of our paperwork and our home study for our adoption mixed in with everything else and it's been busy. 
Dave and I were just talking about how we have about 6 huge things going on right now and how it's just never meant to be easy for us.
we just have to laugh it off and lean on God more for everything.
God has just been putting some hard and difficult things on our heart
with a lot of decisions to be made.
Sometimes HIS plan is SO different than ours.
why do things have to be so hard sometimes...
on another note
We go to pick up Grandma Mimi today from the airport
hoping she brings some California sun with her as well for our rummage sale this weekend
All 4 kids are coming with to the airport
they are so excited!
We only get to see her twice a year.
pricing some more things today and going through our closets and simplifying our clothes and anything else we can get rid of.
I am getting excited
I truly love having rummage sales 
and pray for God to keep providing for us!