Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grandma Mimi has arrived!
I drove all 4 kiddos to the airport and we had a blast.
I got up and started baking Funky Buns at 3:30 today and will continue throughout the day.
Dave will get the tent(my parents rent the tent for us) and we will put that up with a ton of tables under.
We also do one canopy with all the food under as well. 
Most of the clothes are all hanging and sized and organized.
I am kind of OCD about that.
I just don't like looking at piles of clothes. 
We will have brats, funky buns and puppy chow and soda.
Come on over and say Hi!
The rummage will start tomm. at 8:00
We have lots of wonderful things. 
Please pray for good weather and lots of sales.
Stay tuned for what God has put on our hearts the last 5 months.
God is truly amazing and his paths are so clear!
Lots of thank yous and love from the Funkhousers!