Monday, April 11, 2011

months on the waitlist

Thankful that God kept us safe during the 2 tornado warnings last night.
Woke the kiddos at 9:15 as the sirens went off, 
they each grabbed a blanket and ran to the basement
I on the other had accidentally tried putting my contacts in with hydrogen peroxide.  OUCH!
I cannot see without my glasses and I was trying to hurry and
my eyes were burning
It was amazing how all the kiddos fell asleep once they got situated
they laid on flattened cardboard boxes   
with  blankets
all cuddled on top of each other.
It was so sweet to sit and hold them and watch them as I prayed and realized just how much they trust you for their security.
Everything will be ok
love how sweet and oblivious they are to things
half hour later we went upstairs after the storms had passed us 
 Odin wondered why he just couldn't sleep there on the floor
He thought we were there for the night
Daddy went into work to help out if he was needed
as we drifted off back to sleep
and thanked our awesome God for keeping us safe
Praying for the people and for the aftermath that was affected by the tornado's here and all over.