Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Be Still
Sitting in the basement waiting for the tornado warning to expire
my thoughts and mind started to go into overdrive.
First, I am not a sitter so to sit there for 30 minutes with 4 kids and do nothing was good for me.
Being still with my awesome Savior is what I needed
God was just working on my heart
 I was getting so emotional, thankful, blessed, happy and content
besides my leg falling asleep holding Jeremiah indian style on the concrete floor for 30 minutes!
The kids passed out fast asleep except for Olivia
She had long slow blinks as she stared at me.
She was wondering about a lot of things.
Wondering if Nanny and Papa were downstairs with us.
(my kids think my parents live at our house because they're here all the time) and if my dad was working (he's a truck driver)
Making sure everyone is safe
Daddy was on the phone and in and out the whole time
Our bunny was scurrying all over in his cage
It was me and the kiddos and my sweet Savior
We are so blessed as a family
As I looked at the kiddos all sleeping I couldn't help but think about our lives and how precious it is each day
they were created for a purpose
Love them more
Teach them more
God made us for love,
to grow,
to build one another up,
to do wonderful things in HIS glory
God has a plan for their lives
The kids were just fine laying on a cold damp concrete floor because they knew they were going to be ok and Jesus was with us
They all asked a ton of questions that night before bed about tornado's, earthquakes and sickness
Why do we have it if there is God
Does the devil do this stuff
Can you die if you got thrown out of the tornado
Their little minds were just thinking away
 God helps me to realize that I am weak and that I desperately need Him moment by moment. Strength, wisdom, insight, love, patience and knowledge all come from Him.
Life isn’t soft and easy!
 If it was, we wouldn’t need God, would we? Through the circumstances He brings into our lives, we are forced to trust Him.
I am so thankful and feel so blessed each day I have with them and for each teachable moment
We are so blessed!