Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy birthday to my sweet Olivia
almost a month late...Sorry

It brings back so many memories seeing these photos.
We moved here to Kiel the weekend she was born
My idea, which worked out well but was crazy at the time was that
my parents would watch the other 2 boys. It was a Friday and I was in the hospital giving birth to her. Dave left at 5am to meet the movers Saturday morning and he moved us to Kiel 2 hours away to a new home with a new job. On Sunday, he came and drove us all back to Kiel to join him. In one weekend, we had a new baby, a new job, a new home, and a new life.
She was an easy baby who was so fun and full of life
Always wants to be with her brothers and around all the action
Olivia had to get a spinal surgery done when she was about 1 years old and did wonderful
She has no problems from the surgery (just a 4 inch scar)and everything went smooth
They are such wonderful doctors there
She is a happy healthy little girl that loves life
She prefers not to match
and wear as many layers as she can
loves to sing and dance
loves to play kitchen
talks to everyone she sees
very confident
loves the Lord with all her heart

she was so excited her teacher did this to her hair for her birthday
brats and chips for dinner
         We found this at a rummage sale last year for $1
        She loved the little lady going around in circles to music

          My mom scored this at Goodwill for $5 just no tray, but she loved it

Thanks Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio
Picture from Jonah

This is all Olivia asked for from us.
A rotary phone
Found  it on ebay
She loved it and so did everyone else
                         Thanks auntie Annie!
Thank you everybody for all the wonderful gifts and for being part of our lives.  We are truly blessed with this little ray of sunshine in our lives!