Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cake batter flies
We went to cook for the homeless last night with the kiddos
and they were wound up and running everywhere.
They just make themselves at home there.
Odin was making a cake and we were all doing something else
He says look mom,
and he is stiring this shiny silver bowl with a wisk with no hands
He was just pushing the whisk against the bowl and watching it go.
He was a mad man!
Then all of a sudden he says, look Jonah
Dave and I both look and he was able to stir it so fast that mostly all of it went flying everywhere.
Of course all over everyone's clothes, the counter and floor.
Thankfully no one saw it but us!
The cake  batter we had left we baked
and it ended up being a half an inch thick.
More frosting than cake
That is my kind of cake.
They decided to play checkers after that!