Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My funny husband!
I made these delicious black bean brownies the other day that are so delicious.  They have 2 cups of black beans in an no flour.  I have had this recipe for ever and have not tried it.  They are awesome, rich and very fudgy.  I am one who could eat the whole pan at a sitting so he decided to be funny and put a note in there.
Funny memory from one of my good friends graduation party.  I was at her house for her high school graduation party and we were all standing in the kitchen talking for awhile. 
The whole time I was talking I just kept licking and eating at her cake and before I knew it I had eaten 3/4 of the cake without even realizing it. 
Her mom took a picture and I about passed out thinking that no one else ate any of it.
Luckily they were like family and we were very close growing up and all.
How embarrassing
 I love sweets!