Wednesday, December 29, 2010

                                                       Melted crayon
 I ran the dryer for the 9th time drying all the snow clothes the other day
the kids put their clothes on and they were all colorful
we are talking. all over everything
hats, gloves, boots and coats and of course dad's police jacket
So as I tried to figure out how to do this I let them play another time in the snow
I never had this happen before
I kind of panicked about all the clothes I just wrecked
Then I called my mom and asked for ideas and she said try a hair dryer
So, I got half way into the drum of the dryer and dried away for a half an hour. 
Dried and scrubbed and dried and scrubbed
It got every where in there and it totally colored the lint trap too
I sprayed all there clothes with shout and threw them in the washer and washed them on warm
Stuck them in the dryer and
they were all clean
Not a spot of crayon anywhere
I guess I should check the pockets next time
because I never do.