Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little late but the
First day of school.
We had our usual ice cream sundaes for breakfast(then they want to go to bed 2 hours after they get there).  This has been a fun tradition for the first and last day of school.  The kids were all so excited to start.  I was sad of course.  Still thinking, I could somehow manage to homeschool. I was not the brightest in school but held a B average.  I could always teach recess and art right.  I give all you homeschooling moms so so much credit!!!  
Would love too...
It always breaks my heart to send them.  I just want to be with them all day.  I just love my kids!
Check out Jonah's socks.  Maybe...someday my children will want to match.
Jeremiah thinking he's going to school that day too. 
Everyone is doing great.  Olivia seems to have a harder time coming in the classroom, but is fine after I peel her off me.