Tuesday, September 14, 2010


September 7th was our wedding anniversary and Yes-I totally forgot.  I knew the date(seriously) but I thought it was in a few weeks.  September came in out of no-where. Brings back so many memories.  It seems so long ago yet just  a few years ago. 
Circus tent with lights

We had such a fun time at our wedding.   We set up everything except the tent.  We have done so much, had all 4 our kids in 5 years and moved 7 times. 

No gifts, just a barn for donations

 380 of our friends and family
Pig roast in our yard along the river
miss our wonderful neighbors
hot and humid
my dad and I
popcorn machine
dance floor on the grass
sundresses and sandles
running around getting all my cds for the dj 5 minutes before the wedding
port o potties & sinks
A lot more work doing it yourself but it was beautiful!

The Lord changed our lives from then on.  It was a new start for both of us.
I married an awesome, handsome best friend, a heroic husband and an unconditional loving father to be.  (I got pregnant on our honeymoon-totally odd dream Dave had.  I'll tell you that story some other time.) 

Certain people just seem made for each other because they understand and believe in each other...
because they fill each other's needs and support each other's dreams...
because all the little nooks and crannies of their lives somehow fit together just so...
Our lives are always filled with love, pain, laughter, happiness, kindness, tears of joy and tears of sorrow, and adventure.  Happy Anniversary David!