Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Livy's 4th Birthday- A little late posting it!

She wanted brats and celery for her birthday dinner. 
Wow she is all done! 
Loves to play with her little dress up princess dolls all day
Loves to sing and dance
Loves to eat celery all day long(we easily go through 6 bunches a week for  her)
Loves to not eat dinner.  Just because she doesn't like it.  She will wait to eat until breakfast the next day.
Loves to pester Jeremiah(her little brother)
Loves snuggling and loving on all of her brothers
Loves to hear her daddy come home(especially if she is falling asleep and she hears the garage door open)
Loves to take walks and hikes and catch frogs
Loves wearing anything...seriously anything
Olivia just loves everybody.  Always giving hugs to everybody.    She is a classy tomboy and full of love to share.
We love you!