Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crazy Love

Crazy for Kids
Ok, fellow readers this post might not make much sense for you but it's all about a family over at www. and they are so fun and loving.  Readers were invited to participate in "Crazy love".  I urge you to go and check it our on their blog.  It is so awesome. Just see what the Lord can do for you and put on your hearts.  We were asked  from Linny, the writer of "Simplicity" to  explain out needs, link it to her blog, and then challenging people to prayerfully consider giving to those in need. So what are my needs and what would I write about to share with others? Here you go:
My husband Dave and I live with our 4 awesome kids (3 boys/1 girl all under 6) in the small town of Kiel, Wisconsin, We moved here in 2005 when my husband took the job as Chief of Police in town. Moving here had its own challenges for us but we've found more and more along the away. Being avid Jesus lovers for a long time now and we have battled some serious issues along the way but God has always pulled us through and we are faithful. We have our likes and dislikes about the area but we feel called to be here. God has a plan of us and we anxiously await more signs from him. We tried several different churches in the area but returned to one of the first we had looked and felt called back to the Kiel Alliance Church right in our downtown. It's a church that is growing in leaps and bounds and has lots of potential. Dave and I both volunteer in several capacities at church and we recently led and hosted a bible study on service which we both enjoyed. We tithe as much as possible, not always 10% every week but we give something every week and try to make up by giving more when we miss a week. Adoption has been something I have dreamed of since childhood and David knew it was something we'd probably do when we married. We have 4 beautiful kids already but we both knew we had room in our hearts for more so we decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia. When we were considering adoption, we heard over and over from other families about how Satan attacked them throughout the process. When we made our choice to adopt, from Day 1 we were attacked. We've been under constant attack since. Some of those have been extremely brutal and hard to withstand but we have endured. Dave has been hit the hardest but he manages it by praying and stands tall. He says that he knows God's shield will protect us. Every day our shield is full of arrows, but every night we stand up, wipe them off, and by morning, God has a new shield waiting there for us. Our needs deal directly with our adoption. The costs are high and we are managing but we are devoted to the cause. We've put our house up for sale and plan to use the money from the sale for our adoption.  Our adoption story is one of faith—a mission defined by our desire to participate with God in restoring what’s broken in this world—we thought you might like to contribute to this journey God has brought us on. . We need your prayers. We need you to pray for our finances and for support of this adoption. We're in need of both right