Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok, learned how fast plastic melts in the oven today.  So Dave is leaving for a few days and decides to have all the kids together for a yummy pizza lunch and then take them back to school.  SO I preheated the oven.  It felt like it was taking so long? Then I smelled something burning and saw bright orange flames.  Well, I totally forgot I had put a batch of my funky buns in the oven to rise in the tupperware container and left it in there.  I have never seen such a site before.  My 9x 13 tupperware was now melted liquid on the bottom of my oven and all the funky buns were on the stove rack cooked.  I am cleaning it up and taking breaks in between.  My goodness!   The kids thought it was great.  They decided it was like lava because the container was orange.  My oven needed to be cleaned I guess!