Friday, January 15, 2010

Ice Skating Fun

The kids and I have been having so much fun even though their dad is gone for awhile yet.  I love love love the little things in life.  Children are so great and they are so much fun.  I was crying last night and laughing so hard with my children it was the best.  I decided to take them (walk them) to the ice skating rink in town, two blocks down from our house.  It was so nice outside at least 27 degrees.  So, I pulled my little one Jeremiah(2) in the sled.  We don't have skates but I thought we could slide around and hang out.  There were a few others down there too.  It was so beautiful with the Christmas lights still twinkling and the bridge and dam in the background.  We stayed and played for 2 hours.  Little did I know.  Well when we tried to leave I couldn't get Jeremiah into the sled.  He looked like a fluffly frosty shuffling his feet around as fast as he could trying to get away from me.  Everytime I tried to catch him and run faster he ran faster and I would fall or he would.  We did this for 15 minutes until I got him.  My kids thougt this was great and I was seriously getting concerned if I was going to get him.  Odin (the 6 year old) was crying on the ground and wasn't much of a help and Olivia(3) and Jonah(4) decided to strike up conversations with the guys in the ice shanty who were playing hockey.  So much for helping Mom.  Here, I was worried the whole time about falling on the ice.  We finally got him and made him lay in the sled the way home.  Had some hot chocolate and called it a night.  I am feeling so brokenhearted  for all these people in Haiti and these children left behind.  Please keep praying for them and open your hearts to give.  We just want to say thanks to you for all the prayers for us and for your wonderful genours donations.