Thursday, June 10, 2021

Christ came into this world through sinners for sinners and we're one of them
some of us haven't struggled enough

you will never be successful until you struggle
because you don't have the content yet that contains success why would god give it to you
god is not going to drop a blessing for someone who has never been in a barn

(Odin's pile)

your struggle today is a setup for your success tomorrrow
you have to go through some stuff before you can get to the cross
I don't want perfection I just want purpose 
when your context is always created by your purpose you will always be disappointed

when your context is created by God's purpose you'll never be put to shame
when you frame your pain in the context of purpose there's a reason for everything you went through,

  good bad ugly

everything in your life happened for a reason
god didn't do it

within the context of redemption there is nothing that you've been through, there is nothing that you'll go through, there is nothing that people will do to you that  God will somehow
 get a hold of and the god who brought hope out of a barn that somehow god can bring hope out of brokenness and broken situations
every hardship is heading somewhere

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