Friday, July 27, 2018

Brat fry

Kiel Piggly Wiggly
Funky Buns, brats, yummy baked goods and drinks.
Come support us
Proceeds go towards our mission trip with 
MyLife speaks

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Update on my dad...he's doing great.

Praise the Lord!!!

He got all meds, sedation, breathing tubes and pump removed by Friday. Yesterday got the oxygen tube out and catheter, and he moved to a regular room.  He had a little bit of high blood pressure then low blood pressure, fast heartbeat and a jogged memory but that all seemed to go away by yesterday. 

Just seemed to have lost a lot of strength. He has a lot of water retention in his legs yet and his heart is only functioning at 45%.  

  They want to make sure he is ready to go home at the right time so he will be there for a little bit yet.  

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!

Please remember to come by our 

brat fry this Sunday
Kiel Piggly Wiggly
starting at 8 until ???
Brats, baked goods and of course funky buns
All proceeds will go towards our Haiti mission.

Monday, July 23, 2018


As you all know Odin and I will be traveling to the village of Neply, Haiti  from September 28th to October 6th.  We will be working with the organization "MyLifespeaks."  We will be with a team of individuals organized by Word of Grace of Grace Church in Sheboygan Falls.  

MyLifespeaks is located on the Leogane Plain in the village of Neply, Haiti.  The people there, battle poverty, malnutrition, lack of sanitation, and lack of education.  As short-term missionaries, we will be serving God by providing food and needed supplies to the community, assisting with typical and special needs children, participating in construction projects on and off-site, and establishing relationships by showing LOVE to the families in the community. 

The Lord is doing great things through MyLIFEspeaks and all of its missionaries.  Programs are being started for the child slaves, LIFE Academy has begun, a medical clinic is up and successfully running in the village, feeding programs are expanding, skills are being taught to families so that they can become self-sustaining, mentorship programs are in affect to raise up Christian men to be leaders and examples to their families and friends, and most of all, LOVE is being shared so everyone understands that they matter. 
We would love for you to be a part of our support team. 

 First, you can help support our team in prayer as we prepare for our trip, our travel, safety in our work and that our ministry will be productive. 

 Another way you could be involved is to help provide financial support.  We have been fundraising for months now and of the $3,200 t0tal we only need $800.00 more for Odin and I, which includes our flight, food and shelter for the week. We would greatly appreciate any contribution towards this goal.  Any money that we raise above and beyond our cost will be used to purchase much needed supplies to fill the suitcases that our team will be bringing along. 
You can send a contribution on our behalf by simply making a check payable to “WORD OF GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH”.  
Please do NOT include our name anywhere on the check, but rather a note with our name listed so they know the donation is being made on our behalf.   

Checks can be mailed to:

Word of Grace Community Church
 PO Box 31 
Sheboygan Falls, WI  53085 

Also we will be having a brat fry at the Kiel Piggly Wiggly this Saturday.

Brats, funky buns and sweets.
Starting at 8ish...come on out!!

  We cannot wait to share with you how God used us for HIS Glory. 

Thank you all for your love and support!!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

something new

It's a week into something new for Dave and I! We are making it through the day feeling better, happier and with better energy (without coffee) despite our crazy days and interrupted sleep!  
Excited to see where this takes us!  
Already got my workout in, home schooled my little stars(yes we school in summer), laundry, cleaning and meal prep!!!

Thank you for all the prayers for my dad...keep them coming!

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

My dad

My parents left last week in their RV for a camper rally in Gillette, Wyoming and they were expected to be back next week.  They were having fun volunteering and helping the campers get parked and to their destinations and packing welcome packs.  Later in the night a few days ago, my dad started feeling sick.  He started sweating really bad and told my mom to take him to the hospital.  

When he got there they found out he had a large blood clot right in front of his main artery stent.  The stent saved his life because the clot stopped and didn't pass through to his heart.

The flighted him 240 plus miles to Billings, MT to a regional heart center.  My mom drove their tow car while my dad flew.

As of yesterday afternoon they were able to stabilize his blood pressure at a good number but now they are trying to lower the meds he is on because it is hurting his kidneys. He has been fully sedated this whole time and my mom has made a few 3 hour trips back and forth to try and get the RV figured out.   
We're in a waiting game right now while we wait and pray for my Dad to get stronger for surgery. They will not do anything else on him until his vital signs improve.
My mom has just been sleeping in his room and going to the travel plaza to shower.  They don't have a place to stay for her and it looks like she will be there awhile.  
It sounds like the camper Association they are part of will bring the camper back to WI from Wyoming free of charge.  Praise the Lord.
So please keep the prayers coming and I will keep you updated!

Thank you all so much.

Monday, July 16, 2018

 part 2

Cincinnati zoo rocked.  Thanks to Grandma Mimi's yearly gift to the Milwaukee zoo we got in for half price here.  Beautiful botanical garden/zoo.

We had so much fun on all our adventures to and from Kentucky.  We are truly blessed.  No one got hurt but our A/c broke in the car and our canopy snapped too.  Not too bad for us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


lots of pictures so grab a cup of coffee, tea or water.  We were gifted a beautiful trip to the ARK and the Creation Museum.  We had so much fun for our first camping road trip.  The kids were great and the weather was extremely hot!

They all had so much fun playing these road trip games.  I found myself looking at license plates days after we were home.  

105 degrees and this guy was sweaty...

One thing we had a blast doing was making sure we had ice cream everyday...

This was completely mind blowing for everyone...the kiddos decided that every non believer should go there because you would walk out a believer!  

All little animal cages with sound effects

Abraham was super stoked about being on his first shuttle bus ride..this little star is in love with school buses.  Crazy in love it's so sweet!

We had so much fun taking adventures everywhere and exploring around new cities.

rainy morning calls for movies in the camper

This was so much fun.  The other thing that Abraham absolutely loves is trains.  After school buses and garbage trucks.  There was a retired grandpa in the mall we went to that has a train he gives rides on around the mall.  It was about a 5 minute ride.  He loved it.  Waving at everyone like he's the bomb!

This was a patch of heaven called the rabbit hash district which was so green and full of so much life and history in these quaint little buildings.

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