Friday, July 28, 2017


1. flower blessing from a friend...thank you my dear

2. Making our gluten free chicken noodle my helpers.  Always willing to help any time.

3. Liv made some gf cookies...they were like a fudgey brownie.  They were gone in one sitting.  Small batch.

4. This gf/dairy free bread was awesome.  I need to triple the batch next time.  It only made 1 loaf.  I am working on making better links/organization to my recipes.  You've been asking so hang tight my friends.

5. Thank you for the yummy

6. Everyone is keeping busy with drawing, painting or coloring.  They all love to do this except Gabe.  We always have this kind of stuff readily available for any kiddos that come through our door.  Bring on the messes!

7. We had BLT's for the first time with lettuce instead of bread and they loved them.  Olivia didn't eat them but we all did.  I just couldn't believe we needed 4 lbs(this is what 4lbs looks like) of bacon to feed our army. 
 Bacon in this house is a treat it's so expensive.

8. We adopted a chrysalis from the library...the kids are anxiously waiting.

9. Pure Exhaustion

10. Can this be any of the my little stars took this.

11. Waiting is so hard but so worth it...Olivia wrote the coach for Miami Dolphins over a year ago and finally, finally  got this! 

12. Odin got another ride of a lifetime. 
Sitting with the mechanic on the boat.

13. Volunteering at Project Angel Hugs is always fun. 

14.  Is this the most biggest slug you have ever seen...nasty.

Hope you're all having a great week.  The kids were gone at Dadz camp this week.   It's been a tradition for many many years and they love it.  I worked, worked, worked with Abraham on a bunch of things and read a few more pages in my books.