Wednesday, June 7, 2017

our life lately

When it's rainy and kids are crabby...make a tent and pop some popcorn.  The kids are good for awhile then. 

                                  I'm a piles person.  
       Odin's taking after his mom.  He's going to make a
                             good husband some day.

Lunch time with daddy..

Cards for a dear friend's their drawings.

Thank you for the blessings Nancy...we greatly appreciate them.

I walk away for a few minutes and this little star was on Miah's watch.  
Abraham keeps moving chairs to everything and crawling on the counters.  

I can tell everyone is growing and eating more.  We usually make our own pizza but when we have the basic old frozen pizzas we have now graduated to 7-9.  Crazy how much kiddos can eat!

Our last field trip with our homeschool group to Camp YCoda.  It was so much fun for the kiddos.  They split up by age and had 1 group for the bigs and 1 group for the littles.  The bigs did rock climbing and some team building activities.  The little's did canoeing, learning about birds and camping and fishing.  

We believe this was a skeleton of a muskrat.  Crazy cool.  The kids loved inspecting it.

tons and tons of tadpoles

pure beauty...


hope you are having a great week
hard to find the time to get on here right now
lots going on over here
we'll give you more updates soon
thanks for checking in on us in our little world.