Monday, June 19, 2017

love our life

this brings back so many memories.  Remember the pet nets to hold all of our friends!I always had one hanging in the corner of my room.

3 cheers for chalk art...we can't get enough of this stuff.

This little lady helped me deliver 72 jars of flowers...we love to love on people.

3 of the kiddos have been writing books like crazy for the past few months.  It's been fun to watch them and read their stories.  Some of them are already up to 300 pages.  They are wishing to publish them as children but they have to go under their parents name and come up with thousands of dollars to do it.  That's so not right!
Keep on writing!

Thank you Grandma Mimi for the Scoops gift card,  Of course we used it right away!

Abraham is really digging his own cone now.

We have a mini version of Odin going on in the house...

Watch out for this neighborhood gang...they are hard core!
they might just take your lunch money.

Abraham loves this new thing Odin is doing with him
falling is so much fun for this kid

This was divine... 
You can eat 15ozs of beans in 1 sitting and not even know. So good!
Just shoot me an email if you want the recipe. 
(it's a healthy kind of taco dip)

Healthy burgers and homemade grilling out.

The gang painted the playhouse for another year.  The more hands helping the faster it goes. This bad boy is still hanging on.  It is just so solid and everyone loves to play on it.  Our gracious neighbor even gave us shingles to put on it.

Thank you for the gift always seems to be at just the right time

Drawings or cards for others...our kids are usually doing this

We have 4 Dr. appointments this week
2 of them at Mayo.

Please pray for clear results and a safe trip

Carry on, have a wonderful new week and
thank you for the prayers and for loving on us!