Friday, April 14, 2017

 Thanks everyone for the memories....
part 1

   Grandma Mimi blessed us with a trip to come and see her and Papa Julio.  What a trip it was!  We had sooooo much fun from walking every day, eating ice cream, hanging out in the backyard, collecting seashells and sea glass, going shopping and watching movies, hanging out with Auntie Sarah, Marylynn and Ellie too.

We made it through security at the airport. 6 kids going through the TSA but they were awesome!

Some people just chose to stare us with our gang and all of our luggage.  We were quite the sight. At one point we were questioned if Abe was part of our family. Too funny.

morning walks by the ocean were so peaceful and fun

Mimi's friend Tom took us out on his boat.  I slightly had a heart attack before I got on due to my fear of water...Once I got out there I was just fine. I think that I have conquered my fear of boats.  

Olivia had fun talking to this lady...she loved her VW

First time going to Johnny Rockets...their shakes rock and their burgers are huge!!

We were blessed with some free passes to go to Monterey Aquarium so we only had to pay for a few of us. We took an overnight road trip beautiful and so much fun


Watched a fascinating video about how sharks are our friends

Mimi and Julio's backyard is as beautiful as any park you will ever see. We loved just hanging out back here most of the time...just like camping...just add a raging fire
Sea Lions off the coast bear Pebble Beach

Swimming in the ocean and jumping into the waves was  one of their favorite things to do.

 Olivia and I scored this cool hat..wearing the hat too much brought on some crabbiness 

Dave took me on a date to Ventura which is a really cool town. We had an awesome time browsing the thrift stores and had a nice dinner at a beach side restaurant. Looking out over the ocean watching the surfers. I ate my share of delicious fish tacos.  Many different ways and many different flavors too.  Fish tacos are so fun to make and so good!

We had our share of ice cream too and in many different towns.  So many different kinds, styles and prices!
We'll post more later.
Have a good day!