Saturday, April 8, 2017

reading, freckles, sweetness and life right now

Thank you for the gift cards.  The kids are always finding deals and picking out their favorites.  I always seem to get meat with ours to feed this meat eating bunch!  
They never stop eating.

Gotta love these selfies.  This little star cracks me up.  Sweat and freckles. He took these himself.

Olivia has now taught the 2 little  stars how to run off of our bed and how to just fall off of the couch and mattress.  You got it...they even graduated!  Abraham is fearless.

Going fishing with his muffin.

There is never a day without weapons and we are under attack.

Jonah's book list he just finished.  I love that we have a house full of readers. 

I was going through things in Olivia's room and came across these.  She totally cracks me up.  The boys always ask me why girls always want to have so many different careers?

we are just so swamped lately with life, a very sick aunt, and lots of other things going on at the Funks.  We just got back from visiting Grandma Mimi, Papa Julio, Sarah, Mary Lynn and Ellie.  It was a huge gift and blessing from Grandma Mimi.  We are so thankful.  Trying to finish school and get ready for spring.  I am so excited to say the least.  Windows open and fresh air and sunny days.  
Have a wonderful weekend!