Thursday, March 2, 2017

part 2

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes, prayers, gifts and love.
She appreciates all of them.
Her birthday happened to fall on a busy weekend all around so it was great fun.
Started off Friday with friends over to hang and then our home school Chili cook off.  We had a blast and competed and made some white chili.  There were over 100 people. A lot of people cancelled due to the weather.  Crazy and loud and right up my alley!

 Saturday consisted of AWANA games for 3 kiddos for a few hours.  Which was crazy fun to watch all the kiddos have fun.  
We celebrated Olivia on 
Saturday with all of her fun food picks.
She's a meat girl by heart.  Bacon and pancakes, bacon and cheese pizza and brats and cheese for dinner!

We picked the cake for a fun surprise and it turned out great.  Miah was my helper this time.  My fingers got sore frosting this little guy.

Thanks for loving our big hearted young lady!