Friday, March 10, 2017

Life Lately

This little star just can't get enough smoothies.  Every time we turn on that blender he's over there watching and waiting for his delicious cup.  Lots of green chunky fresh ~yummy stuff.

nap time is something so awesome and sacred in this house.  I have always (tried to at least) napped the kiddos at the same time every day.  We are very routine at this house.  The kids love it and it keeps us grounded and sane and then it doesn't get me all crazy either.  The bigs take turns putting Abraham down and they love it.  

This is one of our favorite kind of chex mix.  Sweet with brown sugar, butter, Carmel and chocolate.  Very easy to make and everyone will die for it.  Bring on the sweet treats and spread the love!

Love how my kiddos love to read in this house.  Most of them shall we say do. Thankful the library is so close.  They go there just about every day.   I can't honestly say that I ever just sat down and ate breakfast and read the dictionary.  

Who doesn't love play-doh?  We always have some available for play for anyone.  We try to have Gabriel do some a couple times a week.  It's great sensory play for him too. 

Apparently Abraham got into trouble by putting his feet on the table.  Look at that mean teachers face!  

Olivia's love notes to me just melt my heart.  Wild and free and sooo delightful.  Love this special star.

Odin made this for my dad.  
A collection of Odin's favorite songs.

 Journal time in the house.  We do journals every Wednesday and Saturday.  You can write and draw about anything.  It is so fun to see what they share and what's on their hearts.  It has been a lot of fun to look back at their old ones from when they were 5 and doing this.  They laugh every time.  

Spreading some baking love with peanut butter/chocolate cupcakes

We had a couple kids learning about DNA this week constructing all sorts of crazy experiments.  We are all still alive and the house didn't burn down!

Have a happy weekend!