Thursday, February 9, 2017

School fun and hang time

these 2 after gym class...they are getting sooo big!

having fun with friends

Gabriel's version of decorating.  This was hilarious.  He did it all over Jonahs room.

We are still digging the fresh snow we get here.  I'm just done with all the extra winter gear that has to hang around the laundry room.  There is just sooo much of it taking up space.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn't trip over everything.  

Liv had to make this for Science class.  
It turned out great.
She loves to create.

This little man loves to pull all of the games out of the game drawer.  He's got a few favorites like this one, the lucky ducky game, hungry hippo and don't break the ice.

Playing in rice is something we could every day.  The Rubbermaid doesn't quite fit the 2 of them so we might have to get a bigger bin for the rice.  They love hiding guys in there, finding letters and covering themselves with it.  

We've had busy days with lots of friends, a dog sitting job every day for the kiddos, AWANA, physical check ups for 3 kiddos(they all grew at least 2 or more inches...crazy)  and our home school group.  We are just schooling away here and loving our time together.

Almost the weekend....have a great one!