Tuesday, February 21, 2017

hairy worn party

Olivia loves doing this little stars hair.  We were hoping for a fun little fro but it's still looking a tad curly and straight at the same time.

Our Valentine's party which was awesome and so much fun with plenty of deliciousness to go around! Thanks for putting it together, we had a great time!

Check out some of the awesome Valentine boxes.  
Great job everyone!

This was our box that took hours to make kind of thing. 
Ya gotta love it. 

We are a wear it out kind of family.   We wear them until its good and worn.  Poor Abraham is going to have to get all new stuff by the time everything gets to him. 

We had a great week again.  Schooling away, enjoying this warm sunshine, cleaning up mud now instead of salt and snow.  So thankful for this warm sunshine and walks with the family.  

Have a rockin Monday!