Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

Yes we had a diaper explosion...ya know where you throw it around sooo much at each other that the whole thing just finally explodes....

This was the best deal we found for Christmas....Dave and I found this when we were in MN for his Mayo appointment at a goodwill store.  Even though Wilson is his favorite he was so excited to just have a jersey.  Only 8.99.  Total bargain!

Everyone wanted a traditional cake for Jesus this year so we went straight up chocolate on chocolate! 

This tepee/reading nook was a huge hit for everyone.  I picked out the fabric and had my mom and dad put it together for me.  We love it.

Love love love the homemade cards the kids's a sampling..

Everyone has been playing chess and checkers like crazy people here.

We had a wonderful winter break filled with lots of day long play dates, baking, sledding, watching movies, playing games and just hanging out. 
 We have never done this before we're usually schooling.  Insert mean teacher alert!  
We survived!  
Back at the books this morning!