Thursday, December 8, 2016

day 7

Olivia was busy making these out of her bottle caps.  
Happy little snowmen

love the swiffer on the floor..those of you who know us  anything goes here!

Olivia took these the other morning.  I love when the kiddos grab the camera and capture what they love or see.

Dinner time fun.  
We love talking at dinner and sharing about our days.
Gabe always says how he's thankful for us all being at the table as a family.
(insert big momma tears)

These 2 buddies up at 4 watching cartoons to keep them quiet.

Day 8

We blessed the church where the kids go to AWANA and where we have our home school group.  We are so thankful for them.

We get a new ornament every year with the kiddos names on it. We love the family who makes them.
They are so cute..

Just because...