Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 17

We looked high and low for some but couldn't find any.  We went to a few stores.  We will try again next weekend.  Ours seem to only be out on the weekends here.

 This little star is so hammy and so much fun. 
 He's starting to look like a little big guy.

Quiet time at the funks...Love this time in the afternoon.
For those of you wondering...there actually is such a thing at this house.


Day 18

The only place by us that has vending machines is Walmart.  Sorry about the lack of a camera on most of my random acts but I just wasn't thinking I guess.  We loaded up the machines and went and got some things.  On the way out we were able to see some kiddos getting some things out of them.  So fun to see others excitement!!

Have an awesome Monday!