Monday, November 28, 2016


1. Gabe stole this from our awesome dentist. My kids always find a magazine at the Dr. or dentist and want to steal a story or recipe.

2. Abraham brought me his bowl after he was done.  Soooo the story here is that the kiddos keep their bullet casings after they shoot at targets. 

3. Grandma Mimi bought us our first turkey..

4. Olivia sporting our wehelptwo socks.

5. This little guy is getting so big!!

6. The kiddos played so much Uno with Grandma Mimi and loved every minute of it.

7.  These 2 were so excited we had our first snow.  It was enough to play in too.  Bonus!!

8.  What would I ever do without kids in the house.  Gabe was trying to scare me after my shower.  
Abraham is totally scared of fake bugs and critters.

 9. Loving on others with some yummy cookies...




Here is how it works...

You order a package of super cute cozy socks (you get three pair!!!). They have men, women, boys, and girls sizes. We get 60% of the profit towards Abraham's Adoption  AND they will send us a pair of warm socks to donate to a local homeless shelter as well! Free pair to donate!!! That's it! It's that easy and that AMAZING!

Our family has ordered the socks... we love them! They are super cute! They would make excellent stocking stuffers, gift exchange, cute wear around the house, wear them out, donate to a local hospital.... the possibilities are unlimited!!!

You can order online by going HERE...

Just put campfunk when it asks Name of Organization you are Helping and we will get $9 for ever package you purchase! $9!!!! That is amazing! The socks will be shipped straight to you!

I am so incredibly excited about this! Fun socks that you can enjoy or give as a gift AND money towards Abraham's adoption AND a pair of warm socks we get to donate to a local person in need! It is just the most perfect thing I could possibly think of to raise funds! We are helping locally and globally! 

You can order from now until December 10! Once you order online your socks are shipped to you then, you won't have to wait until the end of the campaign! So if you need them for a holiday gift exchange at the beginning of December, no prob... they will get to you!

So order socks for yourself, your kids, your cousins, your grandma, your neighbor, your sports team, a stranger, to donate!!! We don't care who you order these super cute socks for, we just want you to order them! And share this story with your friends, because we want them to order socks too! You don't have to know us to help the cause!

I can't wait to see how God works through these socks! Thanks for joining us on the journey!
Thank you all for your love and support!!!