Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 7

Odin read about Lottie Moon and finished up Dwight Moody, American Sniper and Fearless.  He's doing great with his Math which he totally dislikes. This kid is on fire for History like his dad.  I'm learning things I've never heard about!

Jonah learned about meteoroids and asteroids, Pope Leo, and learning about famous knights. He bought a garmin vivo fit with his own money and loves it.  I's hilarious watching him meet his goal for the day when the day is almost over. Laps upon laps in the house. 
 We had a whole lotta chocolate chip cookies and shared in some baking love.

Olivia studied Sampson and Delilah(love that song from the Dead...played it for her on my many old Dead cd's), learning about bison, and reading The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. 

She also made this awesome proton pac(pictures to come).  Did it all in one day and loved it!  She also made homemade bath salts for people and gave those away.  This girl is always coming up with ideas.   

I passed out with Abraham on my lap and woke up to this little clay love from Olivia on my leg.  

God calls us to love him and love others.

Jeremiah is learning about plants, flowers, the pilgrims and the Indians still

This little star finally gave up his nuk for nap time and taken up the pastime of rubbing his feet on the wall to get him to sleep now.  Some days it takes an hour to nap others 15.  He still rubs my neck and chin to get to bed and I love it. 
 Now we need to conquer eating!


We had free passes to the Milwaukee Public Museum so we went there on Saturday. Teachers get in free so it's a great deal.  They love it there and always ask for a membership. With Abraham and Gabriel we kind of had to go through swiftly.  Such a beautifiul museum.   

Hope you had a great weekend! 

  When you love the Lord, your home is holy ground.

Happy Tuesday!