Thursday, October 13, 2016

9 things

1. Found this in Olivia's room.  Her life is an adventure. 

2. This little star has some crazy battles going on anywhere anytime.

3.  What are you praying for these dayz?

4. Our old painted skateboard.

5. We put away the summer clothes and got out all of our fall stuff.  So excited.  I'm a fall kind of gal.  50/60 degrees all year is my thing! 
It was sad going through Abrahams clothing knowing we are done with baby clothes now.  For good.  It's a whole new world (insert Little Mermaid) now that he is our last. Makes this momma sad but excited for God's plan ahead.

6. This is how we roll sometimes...scaring the neighbors and just being real folks..

7.  Sunrises

8. This guy has been saving all of his lawn mowing money for this day.  The day Rogue one came out!  We left at 730 and were at the store opening by 8 and he succeeded!  Can you feel his excitement?

9.  time with my girl..

we found these for $5 at a green grocery store.

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with Joy.  Psalm 126:3