Friday, July 15, 2016

concrete camping fun and lazy days

Poor Gabriel..a victim of Olivia's chalk paintings

Ok..I found this in our art pile.

 Olivia is constantly adding to her walls and changing things up a bit.


My parents took the kids on a 9 day trip to South Dakota about a month ago and they all loved it and want to move there.

The little star just hung out all over me while they were gone.  I didn't do a thing.

Dave happened to notice when we were driving the other day...the radio stopped and said Jesus for like 15 minutes. God is an amazing god!

  We've had a great week with lots of play dates with friends.  Late summer nights, water fights, lazy summer days and plenty of play time.  I crave routine and regular school days at home! The kids are so excited to start school already.  I love that.

 Hope you have a  wonderful day and thank you all for your prayers!